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Throughout our lives we experience losses; whether we have moved, lost a pet, a friend or a loved one. What we learn and how we view these experiences paves the way for the next inevitable loss or life transition.

Oftentimes rather than allow ourselves to grieve, we instead keep ourselves busy or manifest our losses through increased health issues that sometimes become chronic.

Separation and Divorce is a life transition which creates tremendous loss and grief in a family. Gaining support from an objective person is often the key to how the family will manage through this difficult time.

Today more families are dealing with aging parents or issues around caretaking a frail or terminally ill loved one. Often the dying person needs an objective person to support them as do the caregivers.

Individual Sessions:

After an initial consultation we work on specific goals in therapy, so that over time you can measure your progress.  If appropriate, couples or group therapy may be recommended.


Sometimes one family member requests therapy for partners and a consultation will determine whether this is appropriate at the start. Sometimes each partner will be seen separately as well as a couple.

Group Sessions:

Group sessions are offered on topics related to grief and loss, death and dying, effects on the family and children.


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